Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Notes: 14 Feb. 2015, North Jefferson County, Kansas

People, places and things I thought about whilst shoving logs into the stoves last night.

Radio Free Kansas' "Wednesday With Wit" originator, Tom Witt, executive director of Equality Kansas who announced that the  largest LGBT organization with active chapters across the state was mobilizing people to peacefully assemble at the Topeka statehouse today in response to Gov. Sam Brownback's latest reactionary dog whistle.

The results of a Google search "Brownback LGBT" reveal coast to coast news coverage of his announcement made this week to rescind job protection of public employees who are LGBT. 

We'll be live at the statehouse steps on Radio Free Kansas, broadcasting from the rally today.  Tune in by clicking, or call in to listen at 646 716 8652 beginning at High Noon.


Finished another letter to the imprisoned writer, humorist Barrett Brown according to the draconian communication rules of the county jail he's stuck at in Texas until a transfer to a federal pen winds through the bureaucracy.  Plain white paper, handwritten, no scribbled cartoons or drawings, "provocative" statements are forbidden. 

Of course that doesn't prevent him from getting out his own provocative statements to the daring publishers at D Magazine, or the Daily Beast.

I think my letters are making through the Kaufman County Sheriff's censors at: Barrett Brown #45047-177, Kaufman Law Enforcement Center, Post Office Box 849, Kaufman, TX 75142.

You can, and should, consider writing him, if only to keep a the barely literate employed while reading his letters..
Kaufman County, and the "city" seat - population 6000 or so, is named after David Kaufman first to be elected from the 1st District to the U.S. Congress,  Wikipedia is pretty adamant Kaufman was not a Jew, so there must be some outrage going on from somewhere in the ubiquitous Angry White Crime Zone.

"Look out Texas, here comes Kansas." - Gov. Sam Brownback, 2013 State of the State speech.

Kansas is now the shiniest red buckle of the sadomasochistic Bible Belt, not Texas, much to the delight of the reactionary Gov. Sam Brownback and his super-majority in the state legislature. 

Kansas reactionaries enjoy 50 shades of self-loathing with an overpowering desire to dominate the weak; by handcuffing the poor to a life of low wage slavery, blindfolding the downwardly mobile middle classes to provide wealthy self-styled "libertarians" a tax free ride.

Perhaps a hint of upcoming Radio Free Kansas news coverage from under the theocratic fascists' whip lash.  Delivered by one of her most famous editorial publishers.  

"Our place, Kansas, will show the path, the difficult path, for America to go in these troubled times.
Like Kansas Newspaper publisher William Allen White once said, "…There is just one way to stop progress in America; and that is to hire some hungry earthquake to come along and gobble up Kansas.” (My emphasis - MC)

We have been placed here for a reason and our season is short."
- Gov. Brownback's 2013 State of State Address

Stay in touch and listen in.  Have a great Valentine holiday.

Mike Caddell
Twitter: @RadioFreeKansas

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