Monday, February 16, 2015

Hear the historic Valentine's Day Topeka protest for "Equality and Justice for all."

Photograph courtesy the Facebook Event page, here.

Norwegians, who have a largely socialist-democratic country, raise their kids with the adage, "There is no 'bad weather,' only 'bad clothes.'"
People were put to the test against freezing conditions at the Valentine's Day protest, on the south steps of the newly renovated Topeka statehouse which provided severely limited access to restroom facilities.
A Saturday eye-opener to the power of a determined bunch of people.

"We, as Kansans, are used to turning hard ground." 
-  Thomas Witt, Equality Kansas speaking from the statehouse steps.

This was a demonstration unlike any I've seen in the years since Brownback came to power. 

The descriptive term "historic" is often abused, but after listening to Rep. John Carmichael's speech describing the progressive (revolutionary Radical Republican) roots of Kansas, is a pleasant surprise in the phone ear buds, or blasted on the home computer.

Attended by a rotating audience of approximately 1000 with streams in several directions of freezing people to and from various warm enclaves, a determined demonstration spontaneously organized with as little as 72 hours notice, appeared on the south side of the Kansas statehouse. 
Hear just a few of the voices leading this grassroots movement of rebellion against the theocratic fascist dog whistle that now rules the state of Kansas.

The fantastic Internet Archive provides a simple player with a free download show page here.

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