Monday, September 15, 2014

Political Research Associates, Week In Review

 Not Your Parents' Religious Right
Marriage equality is almost a foregone conclusion in the United States. Whether it's next June or the following year, the Supreme Court is expected to soon settle the question for same-sex couples around the nation.

With one of their primary opposition issues coming to an end, the U.S. Religious Right is shifting strategies and focusing on containment.

PRA will soon be releasing a new report by fellow Rachel Tabachnick, exposing a national movement of Religious Right leaders who are working on the cutting edge of the Right's strategies.

These leaders are purposefully camouflaging their anti-LGBTQ and anti-reproductive freedom agenda with progressive language and seemingly-secular causes. Using this model, they're successfully raking in huge donations from well-known progressive donors, Hollywood celebrities, and business executives who would be horrified to learn to whom their money is going.

Over the weekend, PRA sent a small sampling of the report to Crain's New York, the outlet which broke the news of New York City Council member Fernando Cabrera in a video seemingly praising the Uganda Anti Homosexuality Act (formerly known as the "Kill the Gays bill").

PRA informed Crain's reporters that Council member Cabrera's video was no mistake, and that he actually hosted one of Uganda's leading anti-LGBTQ activists in his New York church--advertising the meeting as a training for pastors to learn how to "transform" the U.S. in the same way Uganda has been "transformed."

In addition, Cabrera is also heavily tied to U.S. Apostle Joseph Mattera, a leading figure in this new shadow-movement to scam progressive donors. Mattera was strongly involved in the fight against marriage equality in New York, and has openly called for the adoption of the infamous Russian law that criminalizes any public speech that condones homosexuality.

Read the piece in Crain's New York here, and keep an eye out for PRA's new report, Religious Right Leaders Use Prominent Athletes and Movie Stars, Scam Progressive Donors to Advance Outreach, soon!

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On the Eyes Right Blog:

Neo-Confederate Groups Forms Paramilitary Unit--While Claiming It Isn't  by Fred Clarkson

  Senior fellow Fred Clarkson discusses the theocratic and White nationalist League of the South, which has been escalating its calls for violence recently and has now actually formed a paramilitary unit. But despite the evidence of the unit's creation, League leaders continue to deny its existence, but say that even it's true, progressives (who are rightly concerned about this violent threat) should stop their "bedwetting" and "whining."

Read the Full Article Here

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