Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mixed Blood at the Kansas State Fair Debates

Mike Caddell, Radio Free Kansas
10 Acres & A Yard Tractor
North Jefferson County, Kansas

The Sept. 6, 2014 Kansas State Fair debates in Hutchinson with a maximum arena crowd of 2500, had satellite trucks linked to MSNBC, CNN and reporters from as far away as New York. Certainly proof something was happening in Kansas, but for too many in the state that “something” remains unknown.

The “something” is easily found by shaking any distracted screen grazer, instructing them to Google “Traditional Republicans for Common Sense” and informing the techno-dummies that the holiest of holy, the Republican Party of Kansas, is split. Over 100 trusted, life-long members of the “Traditional Republicans” have stood up in name and print against Brownback’s Great Cornpone Revolution.

The New Republican Party was long in coming; I date it to before the abortion wars of former state Attorney General Phill Kline, but the 2010 elections was the decisive battle. The True Believers took over and started targeting their own party members for political oblivion.

The True Believers are a mixed-blood group, part Tea Party, part “conservative” libertarian, with a sprinkling of conspiracy freaks and many secretly funded by the infamous “non-profit” Wichita plutocrats.

The Hutchinson debates revealed the huge divide now in the GOP; like daylight after a howling wind-filled night of lightning, a dear old tree lies splayed upon the ground.

Brownback and Roberts smeared, stammered and showered the true believers with reliable trigger words, “Obamacare”, “Nancy Pelosi”, “Harry Reid”, the “farm pond” and yes, even the “prairie chicken.”

The seldom seen, poor miserable low flying prairie chicken, once shot by long firing squads along the mowed gravel roads, joins the black president as bullet words to be spit out at those who do not agree, speak well of, or vote for the New Republicans of Kansas.

Gov. Brownback twice used the “prairie chicken” bellowing, “He (challenger Rep. Paul Davis) wants to stop farming in a third of the state.” Just how crazy are these true believers in the New Republican Party of Kansas? Fear, the best tool to move the obedient and stupid has silenced common sense in Kansas.

Invoking fear of “Big Government” the New Republicans of Kansas, reliably stark raving mad about funding bigger war industries, has kept the Great Bush Cheney Recession going here by letting every millionaire and billionaire run loose, mostly tax free.

Gubernatorial-candidate Rep. Paul Davis did not wither under incumbent Gov. Sam Brownback’s non-stop “Obama” word play. It’s not too hard when the state’s credit score has been lowered three times while school, county and health care budgets shrink.

Would someone around here think about this contradiction?

Statehouse news reporters just a few weeks ago in August hurriedly gathered around the governor, during the last credit downgrade to hear him say, “cutting taxes is always painful.” Did anyone ask, “Painful for whom?”

Now Brownback bombs us with television ads of himself sitting in front of head-nodding old folks, saying “the sun is shining in Kansas.” Who in hell around here thinks this isn’t a giant stinking con-job?

The outgunned candidate for governor, Rep. Paul Davis, pointed out that Sam still has a presidential exploration committee operating, but one of the members from Texas is under criminal indictment.

Shawnee County Prosecutor Chad Taylor does not want to be in the election against Sen. Pat Roberts, he has a cop killer to convict in Topeka. Secretary of State Kris Kobach is confident you are stupid and will vote for Mr. Taylor, if he can just keep his name on the printed ballots.

Independent candidate Greg Orman, Olathe, Ks. debated Sen. Pat Roberts in Hutchinson and argued what is plain to many, that both big political parties in Washington, DC have stopped governing for the people.

Greg Orman was yelled down and had to start his opening statement three times before Sen. Pat Roberts shushed the loud, heckling True Believers.

Greg Orman continued listing the failures of Washington, DC during the last decades, and pointed out several times that the two major political parties agreed only to make disastrous decisions.

Sen. Pat Roberts, not understanding this, repeatedly called out the name of Harry Reid, playing the name blame-game that Brownback used against Davis in the previous debate.

Sen. Pat Roberts, 78 years old, after over thirty years in DC, seemed distant and answered questions with simple phrases like; “secure the border” or “take that hill” or “no amnesty.” Is this how he wants to fix the “humanitarian crisis” of defenseless migrating kids stumbling out of the desert to escape murdering dictatorships? He calls out “Harry Reid” again.

Orman says he’s been to Dodge City more times than Sen. Roberts.

Sen. Roberts claims a reclining chair and some renters at an address in Dodge.

Roberts’ quickly challenges him on the number.

Orman uneasily answers with “maybe four” times, Roberts’ confidently rebuts “seven” and “I won that one.”

Yes, you won that one, Sen. Pat Roberts.

Orman expressed relief that Roberts didn’t call him “Harry Reid” again.

I predict the incumbents will not want any more debates.

I hope I am wrong.

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