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Uncle Academic's Big List On Ferguson

A few of these are not directly about events in Ferguson, but are in one way or another connected with issues raised there (a rich variety of toxins in the atmosphere of the land). Unless otherwise indicated, articles are at the Daily Kos. For the latter, the dates under which they are listed are those on which they appeared in the daily bulletin; their original publication is sometimes earlier. Within a given article are likely to be links to further sources worth a look. -- Uncle Academic

25 August

==> Melissa Harris Perry destroys Time's Joe Klein's attempt to malign Michael Brown
'Sir, what's going on? Oh my God! You will terrify my children!'
==> Has the mainstream media just obliterated Darren Wilson along with the entire Ferguson Police Department?
Cartoon: Approved responses
How often are unarmed black men shot down by police?
Clemson student starts campaign for racial reconciliation; Clemson professor calls him a fascist
Ferguson protesters chanted, 'Hands up, don't shoot' Darren Wilson supporters replied, 'Shoot!'
Washington Post: Darren Wilson's previous job was at disbanded PD fraught with racial tension like Ferguson
==>Six Vital Conversations Jumpstarted on the Streets of Ferguson (Bill Moyers op-ed, Nation of Change)
Jelani Cobb: Bullets and Ballots (The New Yorker, online today [1Sept 14 print issue])
NY Times' Dishonesty on Ferguson Called Out on MSNBC, and at Times(ReaderSupportedNews)

23 August

The Uncivil War Escalating Across America (Nation of Change)

From Ferguson to Palestine Occupation is a Crime (Nation of Change)
Ferguson, Missouri: The case of the vanishing fractured orbital bone and journalistic integrity
Cartoon: Post-Racial America Alert

St. Louis County officer suspended after tape of racist, violent speech surfaces

Conservatives literally make stuff up to smear Michael Brown

A woman shot during Ferguson protests says police are not investigating

The Profits of Racism: The coward Darren Wilson who killed Michael Brown has now raised $170,000

Pat Robertson on Ferguson incident: Maybe Michael Brown was on PCP

22 August

CNN reports 'Broken Eye Socket' didn't happen
Police raid Ferguson church for third time. Platoon of cops claim people illegally sleeping there
Keystone Cops or liars? Ferguson police now say there is no incident report on the shooting
Prosecution of Michael Brown's killer may be 'basically impossible'?
Paige Williams: I Love Ferguson (The New Yorker)

21 August
Ferguson PD confirms Officer Wilson shot at Brown as he ran away

Ferguson hired police officer with horrendous history of violence against citizens

Republicans find it 'disgusting' that blacks could vote

I finally 'get' white privilege and I'm sorry
Black Texas gun club stages open carry protest against killer cops
Conservatives to media: Stop covering Ferguson

Graphic video: Apparently, if you ask St. Louis cops to kill you, they will. This is a story of cops gone wild.
Police officer who threatened to kill demonstrator removed and suspended20 August

Officer to protesters: ‘I will f--king kill you!’

Artist Mary Engelbreit vilified on Facebook for Michael Brown donation

A cop’s take on Ferguson
In solidarity with Ferguson, here is how you can support the fight

Cartoon: Fear of a black victim

Actor gets real on CNN about the dehumanization of black men

Paul Ryan thinks it’s the police’s job to shoot unarmed teens

Killing four people while white gets you probation

No, Capt. Ron Johnson was not ‘flashing gang signs’

Former Ferguson police officer accused of brutality is now on the City Council

St. Louis Police releases incident report from yesterday’s shooting. On Michael Brown, still nothing.

Don’t lecture people on ‘due process’ when you’re pointing guns at their heads19 August

PHOTO: The photographer who captured the iconic image of Ferguson was arrested last night

What could possibly go wrong just did. Georgia's Carry Protection Act in action
CNN's Don Lemon gets a little taste of Ferguson

The seamy underbelly of Ferguson starts to appear

Cartoon: It's the excessive force, stupid

90-year-old Holocaust survivor, Hedy Epstein, arrested in Ferguson protest

Ferguson officers arrest Getty photographer, others

Arrested at gunpoint for smoking cigarette in aunt's driveway during Ferguson curfew

Tear gas, stun grenades flying in Ferguson after ... uh ...18 August

So Darren Wilson has a clean record?

Nurse on site was not allowed to tend Mike Brown

Three paragraphs from Charles M. Blow hit the nail firmly on the head

Chief Jackson contradicts Chief Jackson on details of robbery, shooting of unarmed teen

Study from 1953 sheds light on Michael Brown Killing
Large protest in support of Darren Wilson policed by five cops on bikes

Ferguson, Clive Bundy, and the Second Amendment

'Show Me' Missouri racism

WSJ: Joseph Epstein whitesplains all that's wrong in Ferguson

Michael Brown autopsy released, children tear gassed and people injured in Ferguson last night

Latest from Ferguson: Brown was shot six times, reporters being threatened, National Guard called in17 August (Sunday)

16 August

Dumbest Police Chief in America
Captain Ron Johnson unhappy with Ferguson press conference

Ferguson police beat a man and then charged him with 'destruction of property' for bloody uniforms

The demonization of a dead, unarmed teenager is well underway ...
15 August

Ferguson is not just about Michael Brown, it's about the America we were promised, yet still denied

Tonight Ferguson MO is a different place and not alone

Let's give credit where credit is due: Captain Ronald Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol
Head of Missouri Highway Patrol walks with protesters

Executive director of Fraternal Order of Police takes a poke at Obama over Ferguson comments

Michael Brown's killer identified

Demonizing suicide victims and those who mourn them is NOT acceptable

Rep. Steve King notes Ferguson protestors all have the same 'continental origin'

Ferguson, Missouri, demilitarized, peaceful protests ensue. Go figure.

ACLU files suit to obtain St. Louis County police records related to the Michael Brown shooting 14 August

Ferguson Police Department releases statement asking residents to protest only during daytime

Family of man gunned down in Walmart still seeking answers

Overnight, all hell broke loose in Ferguson, Missouri

PHOTO: Am I next?
Ferguson police tear gas reporters then disassemble their TV equipment

Police in tank with megaphone says 'Your right to demonstrate is not being obstructed'

Remember: If some white right-wing a**hole aims a high-powered rifle at a cop ...

White guy starts fight, black guy gets pepper sprayed

No, it's not Baghdad, it's in America last night

Todd Starnes laments President Obama sent condolences to murdered teen but not to his murderer
Jelanie Cobb: What I Saw in Ferguson (The New Yorker)

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