Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rick Dean: "Libertarian's pitch for spot in radio debate falls on deaf ears" @ Topeka Capital Journal

[Excerpt]  ... WIBW Radio's decision, Umbehr said in his statement, "denies thousands of Kansas voters the opportunity to hear the exchange of ideas on the serious issues facing the state of Kansas, such as: the governor’s discriminatory income tax plan, school finance and the denial of due process for teachers, RPS funding, the SEC complaint against Kansas, and governmental accountability and transparency — just to name a few.”

Even so, Umbehr added, he appreciates that a radio station is free to set the standards for a debate it is organizing. “This is what liberty is about,” he noted.

Umbehr said he meets the station's other criteria for inclusion, including the stipulation that a candidate poll at 5 percent or better in an independent pre-election poll. Nine percent of respondents to a Public Policy Poll said Umbehr would be their choice as governor, the polling agency announced recently. ... [End of Excerpt]

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