Sunday, August 03, 2014

New Free eBook: "The Mismeasures of Radical Afrocentrism: Indigenist Thoughts on African Fascism and the Failure of Master Race Narratives July 24, 2014" @ APNS Public Radyo

(Read the complete original text — with notes — in PDF form, here) — By Abiyomi Kofi – aka – TheAngryindian
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Mr. James’ work was objective in its deconstruction of African and Afro-Diasporic sociopolitical issues and causes. And his scientific, socialist rejection of blanket, anti-White racial biases and the spreading of pseudo-history would annoy most anyone steeped in today’s revisionist Afrocentrism.7

In fact, almost every critical, orthodox Afrocentric thinker who has ever disagreed (in print or in speech) with far-right, African ethnic determinism; (the eerily naziesque ‘melanin theory‘) false and misleading Afro-centred, pseudo-history; (the infamous – ‘A “Black” Man, A Moor, John Hansonurban legend)8 and the ever-popular doltish hatred of European Jews9 (and some Arabs) for being ‘Devilish’, is viewed by this desperate lot as a ‘sell-out’. And let’s be frank here, people who subscribe to these twisted ideasare not known for being easy to communicate with.10

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