Friday, October 05, 2012

"Tough Transition" Tonight on Radio Free Kansas beginning at 10pm (Central)

"Friday Food Fight" - 06 Oct. 2012 Program Schedule:

Free Speech Radio News - headlines. Local news briefs and commentary from Kansas.


Radio Ecoshock - Alex Smith's science based radio program airs on over 60 radio stations about all things environmental from Canada. This program approaches the problem of creating a permaculture of transition in the conservative "Red States."

Excerpt from Alex's program summary:
... In Lewis County Tennessee the Transition group set up a community kitchen and a business incubator. Bates suggests it's better to fund local small business with funds raised in the area, instead of depending on big banks headquartered far away. They initiated their first local currency, namely "Chamber Bucks" which could be spent at any business that was a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Now with Peak Oil and a rotten economy, we're seeing a surge of very different folks, some with guns and deep basements. Is "the great change” going to work with such different actors? Even the publishers of Mother Earth News have noticed an increase of survivalists and preppers in their readers. They want to grow their own food and make things themselves, in preparation for collapse. ... End of Excerpt

Free Speech Radio News - complete program.

Good anytime show date specific link - Radio Free Kansas.

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