Friday, September 07, 2012

The George Kenney Podcast: "Southern Secession" Electric Politics

Dear Michael,

We don't parse it this way in our conversation but it seems to me that the fundamental evil of slaveholding cannot lightly be shaken off. The consequences go beyond American political institutions, well beyond our convenient amnesia. In critical ways those consequences bound our current sorrows. But to see the problem in more concrete terms one must look at life in the South. Chuck Thompson has done just that, taking two years to travel through the South and then penning his latest book Better Off Without 'Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession (Simon & Schuster, just published). If you think this title sounds silly you may be surprised at Chuck's thoughtful observations. And he's put his finger on a part of the problem that -- as far as I can tell -- has escaped journalists, commentators, and academics: the leverage of a corrupt southern culture is increasing while the rest of us have nowhere to shelter. 

We've got to get past our idealizations about people of good faith having different views. We're in a much more complex, dangerous struggle.

An advisory for those with tender sensibilities: Chuck's book is filled with profanity and vulgar asides. More than a few I find wickedly funny but your milage may vary.

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