Friday, September 28, 2012

NO MONEY, NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE! by Michael Caddell

Mortgaged 10 Acres, 

North Jefferson County, 

A motion was filed last week in Shawnee District Court, Topeka, Ks. by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts (KSBHA) demanding a “bond” of $93,000 be posted on our family property before that court can proceed in hearings with my sweetheart’s attempt to regain her medical license.

The silence is deafening, millions of hoodwinked Kansans, blinded by their racism, homophobia or their own selfishness; in spite all, the echo as an artillery barrage of the feminist ferment keeps pounding. The numerous "official" hands of the intolerant Theocracy governing this 34th member of the federal union considers us more dangerous than all these cowering herds of silent ass raped citizens.

Abortion is the law of the United States of America, no matter what the fanatical Christian radicals in the Kansas government would have it's lobotomized citizens believe.

Political and terrorist opportunists of all kinds have battered my lover and comrade-in-arms.

They have sought at times to kill her, defame her professional reputation, integrity and ability; for decades, but never have I witnessed such a vile organization of religious and political stooges now operating as the Kansas Board of Healing Arts. Their demand for $93,000 before we seek justice in a federal courtroom betray the democratic premise of “Equal Justice Under Law.”

The wanton destruction of all Kansas women’s right to reproductive health choices by Gov. Sam Brownback and this pack of billionaire funded cronies will never be forgotten or forgiven.

Below I have provided links to the article and my immediate comment posted on two of the Kansas newspaper web sites.

Reference John Hanna’s AP story Wichita Eagle headline, “State board, doctor battle over abortion court costs” also appearing at the Lawrence Journal World, the San Francisco Chronicle and WGAU Radio Athens, Georgia at this date and time, so far.

Below my comment posted at the Wichita Eagle in reply to the article linked above.

4 of the 9 practicing medical doctors on KSBHA recused themselves from judgment on her. This was not reported in any Kansas news media. The world's foremost expert and editor-in-chief of the diagnostic manual of psychiatry, Dr. Michael First, wrote in support of her use of the computer software to document information about these patients. This was also never reported in the Kansas news media, or admitted as evidence in her defense.

Of the 9 - 10,000 women who received medical and surgical 1st and early 2nd trimester abortions, none have filed suit against her care. The complainant who filed the original paper with KSBHA is a convicted felon, part of a well-financed organisation successfully seeking to gain credibility in Kansas.

A solid majority of the members of KSBHA are either new political appointees by the current governor, or re-appointed, of those three are directly involved in, or financially derive support from the "pro-life" movement in Kansas.

The whole sordid decade-long persecution of her and my family are chronicled in the now public court records available at the "Welcome to Brownbackistan" wordpress site.

- end of comment-

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