Thursday, September 20, 2012

Glen Thrush: "Mitt Romney R.I.P. Not So Fast" @ Politico

Another cautionary hot link to progressives and Democrats from long time contributor, and smart, Uncle Academic.  He notes that Romney is practicing the "ventriloquism" of the Tea Party movement and his mentor running mate Paul Ryan ... without "tumbling" them Obama's victory this November is not assured.

... And that support among white men is one key aspect of the tape that’s been overlooked: A lot of voters, especially white, working-class men, basically agree with Romney’s portrait of a country overrun by tax deadbeats and spongers.

As of Tuesday morning, Obama’s post-convention bump was starting to fade, and RealClearPolitics’s summary of polls had him up, on average, by only 3 points nationally. Its average of state-by-state polls showed growing but still modest Obama leads in the critical battlegrounds — up 3 in Nevada, 4 in Ohio, ahead by barely a point each in Florida and Virginia, although a Washington Post/NBC poll released Tuesday showed Obama with a widening lead of 8 points in Virginia.

Romney holds a 5-point edge in critical North Carolina and is now within the margin of error in most polls of Wisconsin, once a solid-blue state put into play by Romney’s selection of native-son running mate Paul Ryan.

Read more and other embedded links to analysis at Politico.

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