Friday, June 22, 2012

UPDATED 10 Acres & 1 Goat Press Release: 23 June 2012, Kansas Reproductive Health Care News, Not Reported!


The Associated Press article by John Hanna was picked up nationwide, we received notices here at Blue Barn News HQ from as far away as Houston, Tx. 

Our man in Houston reported that the "alternative news media" fell on it's face in not reporting this story. 

We agree and are doing our best to get up off the barn floor.

For instance, of the news stories published so far, none have reported that 3 and possibly as many as 4, licensed medical doctors attending today's KSBHA hearing recused themselves.

The typewritten letters sent out at the last minute on Sid's USPS mail truck last week, including Dr. Michael First's bombshell, has been made part of the official KSBHA record on Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus, our dearly beloved family member.

Image Hat Tip to Metafilter.
The arrival of these letters, each individually addressed and hand delivered to the public and professional addresses of the KSBHA members, reportedly went over like an "elephant fart" in the cramped basement office where the "hearing" was held. 

Clandestine operatives of the powerful "pro-life" syndicates were witnessed sitting immediately behind Dr. Neuhaus and her small legal team.

Who were the doctors that recused themselves?

Did they refuse to participate in the on-going apparent violation of Dr. Neuhaus' civil rights since the failed tenure of former Ks. Attorney General Phill Kline?

Or was it better to hurry up the formality of the witch hunt, to get out on the golf courses?

We'll continue hunting for the facts, names and addresses and stay tuned to Radio Free Kansas.

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