Monday, June 11, 2012

"Terror campaigns, witch hunts, stalking, bombings, arson, vandalism & murder works in Kansas" @ Gangsters for LIfe

Photographic Exhibit #1-A, identifiers at Kansans For Life.
A rare photograph of the king pins and lieutenants of the "pro-life" syndicate in Kansas. 

Eyeball that the "pro-life" physicians and pharmacists alleged to have attended this "ceremonial signing" are not listed at the Kansans For Life article.  I've got photographs of two and possibly three of these characters sweating and yelling outside abortion clinics in Wichita and Topeka.  They didn't look as respectable back then during the late nineties and early years of the 21st century.

Those Kansas licensed medical professionals will be allowed as of this July 1st to withhold scientific medical information from their patients with extreme prejudice and be exempt from civil liability.

These same "pro-life" physicians and pharmacists will not be held responsible for withholding medicines, or provide information to patients desiring to locate other licensed health care professionals who will treat them.

Surveillance Notes & Questions

  • Wasn't it tax exempt Executive Director Mary Kay Culp, KFL that led chants calling for the professional head of Kansas Supreme Court Justice Carol Breir last Jan. 21, 2011 from the statehouse steps?

  •  Is the twenty something state senator photographed (standing, top right) related to a wealthy far-right Wichita family of armed religious extremists?
  • Similar to organized crime syndicates the "muscle" is not pictured.
  • The clandestine group that mentored confessed Tiller shooter Scott Roeder, openly engaged in stalking of reproductive health care providers, currently operating "confidential informants" engaged in receiving stolen medical files and other alleged acts of industrial espionage are not pictured.
Any information, of known associates or possible evidence of criminal activity by these individuals and others in the "pro-life" movement is always welcome via


A recent article by Amanda Marcotte clearly describes why these people are not only, or even mainly against "abortion" but all forms of contraception.

"... Either way, it’s good for feminists and our non-misogynist allies to familiarize ourselves with the anti-sex (for women) arguments we’re dealing with here, because we’re going to be seeing a lot more of them, if the past two years have been any indication. The argument, to summarize, is that contraception has been bad for society and especially for women, because it takes women away from our “natural” and “God-given” duty to stay virgins until marriage, begrudgingly let our husbands relieve their blue balls into us once or twice a year until the flame finally flickers out, have as many children as this ends up creating, and then dying with the knowledge that while this life was relatively colorless and sad, the next one will be pretty good. (And absent all that dirty sex stuff, since there is no "horny" in heaven.) In the meantime, your own unmentionable sexual tension that finds no other outlet can be turned into bitter hatred for other women, which can then be useful to the church and the anti-choice movement because it gives you a reason to push for more anti-choice laws and rhetoric...." Read more at RH Reality Check.
Hear more of Amanda Marcotte from RH Reality Check on Radio Free Kansas.

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