Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Mega - Hit! Saturday High Noon on RFK was a classic!

First aired Saturday High Noon, 26 May 2012.
Featured Guest: Dave Lindorff from the This Can't Be Happening news collective on the student loan crisis in public education.
Archive Note: There was a small technical glitch during the first half hour with FSRN's special documentary.

Dave Lindorff is a world traveler and award winning investigative journalist with a distinguished educational background.
A two time Fullbright Scholar, he and his colleagues at the news collective won the 2011 Project Censored award and their work was published in the annual book.

The special Free Speech Radio News Memorial Day documentary on the future of public education will air before Lindorff comes on to discuss the loan sharks preying on students in public education.

Reminder:Free Speech Radio News and This Can't Be Happening both are deserving of our donations in any amount.

Spoiler Alert: In the closing minutes of this broadcast listen to our rant against the monster sites ripping off writers. 

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