Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dustin Moyer: "Kansas too extreme to be inviting" @ Letters, Topeka Capital Journal

Gov. Sam Brownback, corn pone revolutionary.
While Gov. Brownback prepares for his next big speech before the American Conservative Union's Chicago regional conference (a/k/a CPAC) next June 8th, Kansans are reeling from the top-down "revolution in a cornfield" he and his Koch comrades in the legislature started.

An expatriated native Kansan living in Denver writes the single daily newspaper in the state capital a letter, to say goodbye and why he's not coming home. 

[Excerpt] " ... During the past recession, schools and vulnerable populations fell subject to funding decreases. As we find ourselves on the road to recovery, we have the opportunity to restore these cuts and ensure continued success and prosperity for Kansas. Instead, Brownback and conservatives in the Legislature have chosen to ignore this priority and have pursued a policy of tax cuts while simultaneously advancing economically irrelevant social legislation, and passing some of the most severe anti-abortion laws in the nation. ... "  
Read more at the Topeka Capital Journal.

Pink Slime Runs Downhill

Comments about Dustin Moyer's letter run across the political economic spectrum, but some interesting anecdotal tidbits are discovered.

Which of Gov. Sam Brownback's daughters are still living in Kansas?

How does economic and demographic "development" between California and Kansas fare?

Are the majority to leave Kansas the intelligent youth, or illegal immigrant workers no longer employable as "pig stickers in a slaughterhouse"?

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