Saturday, April 14, 2012

Voting in a police state? Today on Radio Free Kansas, Saturday High Noon (CDT)

Bring It On! Bang-A-Gong!

It's tough being smack dab in the middle of Pink Slime country where the "news" is a hit and miss affair, between mindless booster broadcasts about our fellow happy people and sports, little time or reporters wasted on things like 300,000 voters being suppressed, or an on-going witch hunt and inquisition costing taxpayers over a $100,000 to stop a doctor that nobody complains about, except the "pro-life" people running the government.

Several items were missed by yesterday's "news" coverage of Dr. Kris Neuhaus' "witch trial" in the Topeka basement of the Kansas Board of Healing Arts. The "pro-life" groups are already claiming that the two-month delay was the fault of Dr. Kris attorneys, imagine their fingers shaking over their keyboards while posting at their blogs.

My fingers don't shake, they point.  Click here for my response to the AP wire coverage reprinted about yesterday's kangaroo hearing in Topeka's single daily newspaper. 

Then click here (Warning: "Pro-life" folks put a stick across your mouth to stop choking) for what happened in plain, but coarse language at the "Welcome to Brownbackistan" site.

Today on Radio Free Kansas: President Ernestine Kriebehl of the Kansas League of Women Voters with history and commentary on the current situation facing Kansas voters.  Then award winning investigative journalist Dave Lindorff of the This Can't Be Happening! news collective on the rise of the "police state" in the U.S.A. (Approximately 30 minutes each.)

Callers welcome between segments.

Radio Free Kansas

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