Thursday, April 12, 2012

Robert Parry: Who Pays for Journalism? @ Consortium News

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" ... So, most Americans could find a newspaper or a TV station that played things pretty straight. But that reality has changed over the past several decades, as a concentration of media ownership has intersected with a recognition on the American Right that propaganda translates very effectively into power. Right-wingers like Rupert Murdoch and Rush Limbaugh became the faces of modern media.

As the Right invested heavily in media (while the Left mostly ignored media), the ideological spectrum of the nation shifted rightward. “Centrist” journalists also tiptoed in that direction to avoid the damaging career label of “liberal.” The overall impact was that the content of the U.S. news media became more ideological and less honest.

That was where stepped in. In 1995, I founded the site as the first investigative news magazine based on what was then a relatively new medium, the Internet. ..."

Read more at Consortium News.

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