Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Too Much Online, News Weekly, 12, March 2012

How can we tell if we’ve become, as a society, too unequal? The Los Angeles Times has just offered up a novel suggestion: We can count bathrooms.

Reporter Lauren Beale has done just that. She has tallied up the number of bathrooms in Southern California’s most opulent manses. And these numbers will astound you. One newly remodeled Beverly Hills abode, now valued at $60 million, has 30 of them — to go along with 17 bedrooms.

“The idea is never to inconvenience yourself or a guest,” one luxury realtor told Beale. “You almost cannot have too many bathrooms.”

But we can have too much inequality. This week in Too Much we examine the latest edition of a much more conventional — but equally alarming — measure of the economic gaps that divide us. Also this week: a look at an inspiring new profile of deep pockets deeply committed to a more equal tomorrow. ... Read more at Too Much Online.

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