Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Doonesbury Cartoon Substitution @ Topeka Capital Journal


"In Kansas No One Can Hear Women Scream."


[Excerpt]  "... The Topeka Capital-Journal isn’t running a two-week series of strips from Garry Trudeau regarding procedures being required for women in Texas seeking abortions. Publisher Gregg Ireland said the decision was based on a matter of taste, not necessarily philosophy. ..." Read more at CJ Online.


A Noteworthy Posted Comment:


...I'm sure the decision was for financial reasons. Namely, that they couldn't afford to staff the phones for the inevitable run of hillbilly whining.

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And then there is Texas Gov. Rick Perry, after the kiss of death from Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's endorsement for him as GOP candidate for president.  Perry as Palin for Newt? Watch below:

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