Monday, March 19, 2012

John Celock: Kansas Abortion Bill To Ban Procedure By State Workers Passes House @ Huffington Post

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Our state capital daily newspaper relies on a national news wire service to report on the religious fundamentalist lawmakers' latest war on Kansas women. A single four paragraph article was all the Topeka Capital Journal could muster on an illegal and unconstitutional measure being forced to the state's senate chamber. It is outrageous!  Instead those Kansans who have internet service have to go to the Huffington Post to read just how idiotic these lawmakers are. 

[Excerpt]  " ... The full House of Representatives adopted an amendment to the state budget Friday evening that would prohibit state money from being used on abortions and would ban state workers from performing abortions during the workday. Opponents say the amendment will jeopardize the accreditation of KU's OBGYN residency program, where residents receive training to provide abortions.
On Thursday, a House committee meanwhile passed an amendment to the state's sweeping anti-abortion bill meant to allow for the abortion training to continue at KU. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education requires OBGYN programs to provide abortion training.
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"Kansas citizens do not want (abortions)," state Rep. Joe Patton (R-Topeka) told HuffPost about why he sponsored the amendment...." Read more.

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