Monday, March 19, 2012

The Blowback Against Brownback Began Over the Weekend!

His "pro-life" flunkies' witch hunt is failing, badly.
It started late last week as the news stories scattered and only partially covered by the Kansas news media of a draconian anti-abortion 69 page law was gaining traction in the legislature. The story started to go across the internet before many knew what was to happen with the law getting out of committee.

By the time most news people were burying their heads into their pillows Friday night, the story was raging, even as the governor was having his social media staff work overtime attempting to delete and censor the remarks on his Face Book page. People were swarming his FB page with a "sarcasm campaign."

MSN covered it with a 'to delete or not delete' comment poll.

Yahoo News snatched a Mashable send-up by Kate Freeman who was able to snatch some of the comments before being taken off his site. This alone made the story more viral across the internet.  

Then WebProNews Social Media announced that no matter how many tax dollars Brownback spent on his social media staff to censor the "sarcasm bomb" explosion couldn't be stopped.  The article by Drew Bolling declared the work senseless and printed many more of the comments. 

The story now early Monday, 19 March 2012, is still going viral and the comments at Gov. Sam Brownback's Face Book page are still raging in debate some with hilarious bursts of sarcasm.

Many of the ones that were censored were then reprinted with screen shots at RH Reality Check, a net savvy web site for reproductive rights. The article by Head Editor Jodi Jacobson, "Ask Dr. Brownback: ... Women (and Men) Ask the Governor for Reproductive Health Advice" appropriately posted many of the comments that were not sarcastic but quite accurate about the lives of women and their choices for reproduction. 

Many of these were censored from the governor's FaceBook page.  

Cheers! Doing cyber activists proud!
It is called blowback and Brownback is feeling it, and many say that like Secretary of State Kris Kobach who last week was outed by Kansas citizen journalists at spending most of his state office time making media appearances, giving interviews and mainly grooming a reputation as nativist anti-immigrant law maker, the governor will suffer for it.  

William Allen White would call this the "rough equality" that Kansans were once famous for, a resistance that many in the political opposition in this dominant Republican state have forgotten.

Welcome to Brownbackistan!

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