Friday, February 17, 2012

Paul Soutar: Occupy Koch Town protesters ignore facts @ Wichita Liberty

Ever the reverence and loyalty, one will see in duty to the Master. 
Bob Weeks and Kansas Watchdog team up on this one.  [Excerpt] " ...  A map of the existing Keystone and planned Keystone XL pipelines shows that Koch’s two refineries in the 48 contiguous states at Pine Bend, Minn., and Corpus Christi, Texas, are not on or near the pipeline routes. Koch also has a refinery in North Pole, Alaska.
Koch does have substantial interests in Canadian oil though, including the thick oil sands mined in Alberta. Those interests are precisely why Flint Hills Resources Canada requested intervener status in the pipeline approval process in 2009.
Flint Hills’ application to Canada’s National Energy Board for intervener status said, “Flint Hills Resources Canada LP is among Canada’s largest crude oil purchasers, shippers and exporters, coordinating supply for its refinery in Pine Bend, Minnesota. Consequently, Flint Hills has a direct and substantial interest in the application.”
Critics have claimed that statement is a smoking gun proving Koch is a party to the pipeline or will benefit from its construction. ... " 
Read more at Wichita Liberty.

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