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EXCLUSIVE (Updated): Koch Sock Puppets in Statehouse Exposed, Justice & Democracy for all Kansans! February 15, 2012

Over 100 Attempt to Occupy Governor's Office

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Updated, 16 Feb 2012, 1402hr.  Andy Marso at Topeka Capital Journal reports SoS "Kobach says he'll turn over calenders" - let the digging begin.

Link to coverage at the Topeka Capital Journal on-line below:

Marching from Kobach HQ to Gov. Sam's dugout.

Protesters Deliver Anti-ALEC Message -- Chants of "Si se puede" — "Yes it can be done" — rang out through the Statehouse after a crowd of more than 100 people attempted to deliver a message to Gov. Sam Brownback following a rally Wednesday. Three statewide coalitions made up of dozens of organizations converged on Topeka for the rally, which appeared to draw about 300 people. It included advocates for workers, women, education, the disabled and elderly who denounced cuts in state aid and the influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Earlier that morning at the statehouse a large number assembled in front of where Secretary of State Kris Kobach holds office to demonstrate their opposition to the immigration and election laws he has initiated both across the country and here in Kansas.

Mr. Kobach's reported response seemed to be a bit "anxious" (from the Cap-Journal headline) and reminiscent of the white settlers before Kansas became a state in the federal Union.

Programming Note: Additional audio clips on Radio Free Kansas, next "Saturday High Noon" and "Secular Sunday" 3pm - 5pm (Central Standard) this weekend, Feb. 18 - 19, 2012.

Ks. Lawmakers Photo - ID'd as ALEC stooges.

Bum Rings Rant to Governor, Arrested

Stranger with I. E. D. Bombs & Florida Truck, Released?

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012 was a busy day around the statehouse building district with a homeless man calling in an alleged threat to Gov. Sam Brownback from his temporary room at the local Motel 6.

The man later identified as, Stephen Joseph Thibodeau III, 37, no permanent address, remained Thursday morning in the Shawnee County Jail.  According to a related post at the Topeka Capital Journal by Phil Anderson:

" ... Thibodeau was apprehended by Kansas Highway Patrol troopers, who tracked him down to the motel by way of caller ID.

Thibodeau was questioned, then arrested and booked into the Shawnee County Jail in connection with harassment by telecommunications device and transmitting obscene comments.

Capitol Police Officer Patrick Saleh said the man went on a “rant” that was considered threatening to the governor’s office. It was unknown whether specific threats had been made against the governor. ... "
 Thibodeau is held on $25,000 bond.

Strange Happenings in the Capital  Tunnel - Guy Fawkes Visits Topeka Koch Sock Puppets?

An "unrelated" incident prior to the statehouse protest had a vehicle with an unidentified (at posting time) owner containing several "improvised explosive devices" and an empty gun holster.

The unidentified man was attending a "scheduled meeting" within the statehouse complex according to the Topeka Capital Journal. 

Florida photo-id led to his arrest in statehouse tunnel. 

Read this one,  WTF?

15 Feb. 2012 Protest assembles on the south steps of the Topeka statehouse.
 Updated, 16 Feb. 2012 12:34hr., by Capital-Journal Phil Anderson & Corey Jones: The unidentified man with the explosives has been released to take custody of his truck with Florida plates after his Topeka 'residence' was searched by ATF and Topeka police. 

The bum who cussed out Gov. Brownback is still in the Shawnee County jail.

Again, WTF?

Brownback is lauding capital police for "apprehending" the unidentified man in a tunnel despite the conflicting reports.  Andy Marso reports today that Brownback held a press conference and said:
“I thought the Capitol Police did an excellent job in investigating and being on top of matters," Brownback said during a media briefing Thursday. "I really commend them on the quality of their work, their quickness and effectiveness in the situation.”

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