Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Program Summary "Monday News Night" 23 Jan. 2012

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Monday News Night, 23 Jan. 2012

Tonight we open with a surprising blow for women's rights in Kansas history, despite the thousand or so protesting against such in Topeka against women's reproductive freedom.

Gov. Sam Brownback led a procession this Monday, 23 Jan. 2012, of religious school kids (local television panned a young boy holding a sign "Women Do Regret Abortion") and Kansas "pro-life" leaders.

Then next up, Free Speech Radio News latest show for 23 January 2012. Support FSRN with a donation today. I than play and comment on selected clips from tonights Florida GOP Debate as aired on NBC, centering on the statements made by Rep. Ron Paul. 

Libertarians listening are strongly encouraged to read the latest from Paul Craig Roberts at Counterpunch, "How Libertarian Dogmatists Are Sabotaging Ron Paul's Campaign".

Tonight's show ends with a 59 minute special of Dr. Helen Caldicott's Australian radio show "If You Love This Planet" featuring conversations with investigative journalists Seymour Hersh and John Pilger. This program is available in full high fidelity stereo at The A-Info Radio Project along with many other important and hard to find programming.

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