Monday, January 23, 2012

Beccy Tanner: Downtown Statue Honors Leader of Women's Rights, Populist Movment @ The Wichita Eagle

Attention: Kansas Amnesiacs!
Raise More Peoples' History, Stop Attacks On Our Basic Freedoms!

What a very strange contrast with the 1000 or so anti-abortion protesters (many kids bused in from private religious schools) led by Gov. Sam Brownback and other Kansas "pro-life" conservatives on the steps of the state capital building in Topeka today against women's reproductive freedom. Kansans such as these suffer from historical amnesia and know no bounds. Check out what a few thoughtful, intelligent women did with the long view of history in mind.

A memorial for Mary Elizabeth Lease has been erected in downtown Wichita today.

Read about it at The Wichita Eagle.

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