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Kansas: What the Tea Party Looks Like by Annie Gowen

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The nation's sputtering Tea Party movement will now be provided another example of Reagan's failed trickle down economics in Kansas.  

One difference being this time around, the over taxed young working people at the bottom in Kansas after kissing Brownback's ass and making him governor, have a current version of another failed Kansas politician to remember Brownback with after his "revolution in a cornfield" has failed. 

Kansans in their millions will now feel the pain once reserved for women who sought reproductive freedom here, but on a monumental scale and it will last for decades to come. 

Kansans in massive numbers are about to feel the pain of even lower wages as corporate and wealthy family elites (many from outside Kansas) ride herd over them. And these elites will be paying little if any taxes.

The stupid and ignorant, the older generations who vote their religion at every election and the low wage conservative working youth are about to get a harsh cold lesson in Gov. Sam Brownback and his shysters and cronies in Topeka.

What former attorney general Phill Kline did to not too few Kansas women, his more powerful successor, Brownback as governor will do to you and your family pocketbook.

Brownback is Kline on political economic steroids and Kansans are only now getting a clue. It might take a few more reporters like Annie Gowen to explain it to them.   

Annie Gowen's Washington Post article quotes a Florida transplant paid by Kansas taxpayers to destroy or privatize your state's public services:

But in Kansas, as nowhere else in the country, tea party fervor is reshaping government. The same political forces of the Republican Party driving the confrontation over taxes and spending in Washington are now completely in charge in Kansas.

The GOP now controls the state’s House of Representatives with the biggest majority in half a century. Emboldened by this power shift, Brownback — the state’s former two-term U.S. senator — has embarked on his overhaul at a breathtaking pace.

“It’s a revolution in a cornfield,” said Arthur Laffer, the 71-year-old architect of supply-side economic theory and former economic adviser for President Ronald Reagan who is now working with the governor. “Brownback and his whole group there, it’s an amazing thing they’re doing. Truly revolutionary.” 

Brownback and his "tea party" also had reference to the same article in the Governor's Journal which pointed out his upcoming "State of the State" speech possibly getting national media attention.  

A Kansas City Star member of its editorial board, Barb Shelly had this gentle prediction about Brownback in the context of the Washington Post article:

... In a meeting with The Kansas City Star’s editorial board this week, Brownback surprisingly started touting the benefits of the federal wind production tax credit, which he said needs to be continued in order to make wind energy viable. It was a bit surreal hearing him advocate for a federal tax credit to promote alternative energy, especially since he’d just finished telling us that loopholes and exemptions in Kansas’ income tax code constituted “social engineering” and need to be removed. But Brownback said he’d voted for the wind production tax credit while in the U.S. Senate. “My first focus is this is great for Kansas,” he said.

 I think at the core Brownback is a rock-solid religious conservative and a true believer in limited government principles. He and his staff have a ruthless streak, which will be on full display in 2012 as the governor’s political operatives work to dislodge the moderate Republicans who are standing in the way of full legislative cooperation. 

Read the full Ed-Op from the Kansas City Star here.

The governor loves that kind of national exposure, when planning his bid in 2016 for GOP presidential material, but all this could very well blow up in his face. 

Brownback's gamble could have him in 2017 writing lengthy (religious) tomes from his family's crop subsidized farms in defense of his Koch billionaire-inspired zealotry, like that of his buddy, former state attorney general Phill Kline. 

Kline writes from his Jerry Falwell sponsored office at Liberty University, Lynchburg, Va. 

Of course Kansans could be more fortunate with Brownback, he might finally leave his wife and children after having his unbridled political ambitions dashed and be writing his political autobiography from some dusty office in the Vatican, or worse Atchison. 

Kline has filed a 175 page legal defense brief with the Kansas legal disciplinary officials, according to reporter Steve Fry at the Topeka Capital Journal, December 23, 2011. 

Obviously Kline's desire to tell his dwindling supporters, like Brownback how their shared divine guidance determined his numerous crimes against women and Dr. Tiller's surviving family members. 

Brownback has Kansans paying millions for Kline's numerous bill padding legal defense teams. Brownback and his brown nosers are having taxpayers pay millions to persecute the last link to the ghost of murdered Dr. George Tiller.

There must be some comfort for Kline being in the governor's company, Brownback served up repeated votes for "supplemental spending" to the tune of hundreds of billions along with many in the much hated U. S. congress for the catastrophic wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Brownback, like most "pro-life" pro-war Americans prefer to not remember the Reagan deficits,or his Texas Bush league successors' wars, conveniently forgetting the wasted rivers of blood and trillions in wasted national treasures.   

Maybe rational intelligent conservatives, what few that may still exist in Kansas will finally recognize that religious zeal put into "free market" theories of unbounded capitalism, as being bankrupt in the 21st century. 

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