Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Lulz Xmas Hack: Main$tream Press Coverage

Today and yesterday's #Brownbackistan Posse Call newspaper contains much of the news coverage of the Lulz holiday hack on a shadow corporate think tank called "Stratfor" make the jump to get the latest, click here.

The New York Times Nicole Perlroth reported on it with the headline: "Hackers Breach the Web Site of Stratfor Global Intelligence."

Quote of the weekend comes from Jerry Irvine in Perlroth's article:

The attack was also likely intended to embarrass Stratfor, which specializes in intelligence and security. The hackers said they were able to obtain the credit card details because, they said, Stratfor had failed to encrypt them.
“The scary thing is that no matter what you do, every system has some level of vulnerability,” says Jerry Irvine, a member of the National Cyber Security Task Force. “The more you do from an advanced technical standpoint, the more common things go unnoticed. Getting into a system is really not that difficult.” 

Cheers to all involved: hackers, cops and wanna be hot dogs! 

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