Thursday, June 30, 2011

John Hanna: "Kan. Planned Parenthood receives abortion license" @ Topeka Capital Journal

Wichita KAKE-TV reports in one paragraph the opposite from the same source! While the Kansas City Star's Mike Hendricks writes of the never "speechless" anti-abortion forces:

From the moment it was first introduced in the 2003 Kansas Legislature, it was all based on a lie — that its sole aim was to protect the health of women seeking abortion services.

That’s baloney. The aim of this legislation, which takes effect today, is the same as every other law passed regarding abortions in recent years.

Whether it’s requiring sonograms, waiting periods or, in this case, onerous licensing requirements, the end goal is always the same: ending most or all abortion in this country, period.

Why not just come out and say it plainly? I think we know the answer. Because speaking that truth would prove that abortion providers are correct when they complain they are being unfairly singled out for regulation.

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