Friday, July 01, 2011

"'No other solution' for Strauss-Kahn" @ BBC News

"Maybe, a more Anglo-Saxon approach to private life." WTF? Breaking news this morning has the victim's credibility collapsing with phone calls to a jailed drug dealer, curious bank account transactions and DSK in court getting a bail reduction.

A July 1 BBC reports has this:

The defence team had been expected to argue that a sexual encounter occurred, but that it was consensual.

In recent weeks, they had claimed to have information that "gravely undermined" the credibility of the woman, but the New York Times says it was the prosecutors' own investigators who uncovered the current reported inconsistencies.

With all the bravado of Danton, the Socialist Party of France should be ready to do a smack down on conservatives in the elections, two weeks away.

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