Sunday, May 15, 2011

John Grant: "The 'Dude' Abides for You and Me" @ This Can't Be Happening!


... This is certainly an unfair reduction of the movement’s shortcomings, but my purpose is a provocative lead-in to a film that has matured into a hilarious homage to the Sixties antiwar movement.

The 1998 Coen Brothers cult movie The Big Lebowski was a sleeper that slowly grew on audiences and continues to grow in stature. For me it is the perfect movie antidote for our times. The movie is already famous for having generated a following akin to The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Star Trek. I’ve now seen it four times. In earlier viewings, I didn’t realize the subtext that so wonderfully speaks to the frustrations of leftist antiwar activists. When my fellow peace-activist wife and I watched it together the other night we were laughing so hard we were in tears. ...

Read more about one of The Flyer's favorite movies, regularly clipped on RFK, and it's significance today as reviewed by Veteran for Peace activist John Grant ... @ This Can't Be Happening!

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