Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today on "Secular Sunday" @ Radio Free Kansas!

Kansans Need to Hear This Author Now!

"Emptying book stalls across the country Vincent Bugliosi's latest
"Divinity of Doubt: The God Question"
takes you into the timeless mystery, with a ruthless and persistent use of logic and copious researched facts ... it devastates both atheist and theist."
- Editor & Publisher Michael Caddell -

Live on Radio Free Kansas

3pm (Ce
15 May 2011


An introduction to future Radio Free Kansas "Secular Sunday" line-ups
of iconoclastic classical music, a short historical narrative of Alessandro Poglietti's "Rossignolo" on period harpsichord as performed by Dr. Joyce Lindorff on Titanic Records.

If your answer is yes or no,

Vincent Bugliosi will prove you wrong.

"I wish I'd written this deeply moving antidote to the false certainties—both religious and irreligious—that have divided our society into warring camps yammering at each other about things no one understands."

— Frank Schaeffer, New York Times
author of Crazy for God,
former Radio Free Kansas guest.

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