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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Christian Nation? -

I know a bunch of relatives and friends around here who consider "In God We Trust" on the money as some sort of license to kill, imprison or enslave; homosexuals, muslims, adulterers and abortion doctors. Included are also some "sinners" such as catholics, jews and women who cut their hair too short. The "biblical fundamentalists" never stick up for their neighbors and would just as soon take over the farms, homes and children of the "sinners" who refuse to live like the Holy Ones i. e. them, the "bible believing Christians." Determined to "convince" political and religious dissidents; they form militias, make people they don't like "illegal" and tell everybody else to go to Hell and support bombing natives in other lands. After over 50 years in Kansas I have never seen such a dumber bunch of Know Nothing bigots who need to pull their heads out of their narrow minded fat cornfed arses.

Read the above link and hand me that pair of pliers.

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