Sunday, August 06, 2017

Richard Escrow: TOUGH TRADE TALK AS TRUMP AND PENCE TOE THE KOCH LINE @ Center for Media and Democracy (CMD)

A number of times I discussed on RFK the spat among the plutocrats on the Mir-a-lago golf course during the Trump campaign.  Appearances are always deceptive in the gold leafed world of the loathsome super wealthy, especially slippery when reading nuances from public disagreements.  However, since that time on the green when David Koch famously stood up to The Donald and left with his ghost writing chum in an act of solidarity there appears to be a new unity in purpose. Don't forget to explore the fascinating links embedded within Eskrow's article.  Meanwhile on the dinner table circuit, more gossip lending to the rumor that The Donald is making nice with the Koch brothers from last April.

Pence gets in the game too. Some say he is actually running front for DT.

Pence's campaign financial links go far back through his political career, almost as far as Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, to the Koch's funding machines.  Lately, Pence as vice president, has been patching up these minor differences among Trump and the Kochs; over tight restrictions of immigrant workers (the Kochs desire more openness, wanting a ready supply to exploit; and tax cuts).

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