Wednesday, January 25, 2017

John Grant: J21 DC WOMEN'S MARCH "Whose mosh-pit? Our mosh-pit!"

"What the Fuck?" - the spirit of the day. (Click to enlarge.)

Not sure whether the half-million or so women, men and children ever got to anything one might call a "march," but what I and the people I was with witnessed was a very sane and friendly crowd of smart, pissed-off people.  Everybody was there to register the fact they were unhappy with the results of American democracy. 

An Elvis parody? (Click image to enlarge.)
Anatomy was everywhere. 

I had never seen such creative wit employed in signs that emphasized the various intimate elements of human crotch anatomy 

A popular DC cop during the assembly.

Thanks to a day-old sitting president who had self-congratulated himself for his "pussy-grabbing" skills. Puritanism was history. People were comfortable with their private parts and how those parts related to living. There was power in that easy comfort. 

For me, it was one of those demonstrations that mattered and would be remembered historically -- like September 15th, 2003. If you showed up, you can say, "I was there!" 

The people who showed up seemed to be saying: Mr. Trump, you lost the popular vote by 3 million votes, your poll numbers are the lowest ever for an incoming-president and you couldn't even get half the crowd for your inauguration that Barack Obama did in both January 2009 and 2013. 

Then, the next day, we all showed up and left your inaugural numbers in the dust as we hung out peacefully simply enjoying being with all the other people who showed up too. 

Being part of that crowd made me feel good; makes me feel good now and into the future. Although one of the themes was "nasty women," I did not see one nasty exchange or incident. These were "the better angels of our nature."

Click image to enlarge.

There was not even a hint of hostility toward men, but one in the Oval Office. 

When an impromptu march seemed to be moving somewhere and, then, ran into another going the other way and yet another moving perpendicularly -- there was a worrisome crush of people. But a cry of "Who's mosh-pit? Our Mosh-pit!" rose to be followed by laughter as people worked to untangle themselves from the packed confusion. It was a great day! 

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