Sunday, November 08, 2015

Uncle Academic on the Bill O'Reilly v. George Will Freak Out

O'Reilly/Will freak out: delectable!

O'Reilly calls Will a liar. Tu quoque, says Will. Will points out that O'Reilly doesn't interview key personages (or at least call them for comment after composing a draft.

Big quarrel over whether the book is laudatory. Will is freaked because the book "does the work of the left." O'Reilly says it is laudatory. Big row over memo among players as to whether Reagan was losing his marbles (Alzheimer's). Will appears to think this should never have come out.

Recall the row over CBS's docudrama The Reagans, which heavy GOP hitters managed to prevent from getting aired, but which came out on DVD. I found it fairly sympathetic to Reagan and Nancy, and figured that the real concern was by insiders that their manipulation of the puppet (increasingly mindless, through no fault of his own) would come to light in front of a huge TV audience.

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