Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rally at the Topeka Statehouse 1st floor Rotunda, 11am, 22 May 2015

Dear Michael,

"I think it would be a great idea for Kansans to fly the Kansas flag upside down in distress mode until our Legislature and governor get their act together." (-Anonymous citizen in the Wichita Eagle editorial page, Tuesday, May 19, 2015.)

Bad news: No matter what compromise is passed and signed before our lawmakers go home this week, we should never have been in the jam of having a state budget for 2016 that is $400 million short. Cuts to the bone have already been made that hurt. Have YOU seen any prosperity materialize under Mr. Brownback's voodoo tax policy??

Better news: The number of signatures on the "Recall Sam Brownback" petition hit 38,000 Monday evening!

BEST NEWS: You can be a face on the Friday evening TV news when the media cover the legislature's "non-solution" on Friday. Your presence in Topeka at 11:00 am, first floor of the rotunda, for our one-hour "Rally to Restore Kansas Values" this Friday, May 22, and your help in delivering the 3,600-page petition to the governor's office will say, "This aint what the people had in mind, Mr. Brownback."

Link to the Facebook event for the rally:

To sign the Recall Sam Brownback petition,  click and SHARE this link:

Rally with me, ride with friends. Go here to RSVP for the rally via MoveOn,

and give your phone number and add a note about where you are driving from or needing a ride from, and we will connect you to someone to form carpools.

Can I count on you to be there? If not, will you please share these event links or petition link with friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter?

Thanks for all you do to keep Kansas a sensible, compassionate place!

Keeping faith in my fellow citizens,

Jan Swartzendruber 
Regional Organizer, in Kansas

With Tony Piazza (petition writer); Al Frisby (JoCo MoveOn Council Organizer); Dan Brennan (Topeka MoveOn Council Organizer); Lori Lawrence (Medicaid expansion organizer in Wichita); and Danilo Balladares (Executive Director), Reuben Eckels (Deputy Director), and Djuan Wash (Director of Communications), Sunflower Community Action.

P.S.  MoveOn in Johnson County and Topeka, plus our partners among teachers' unions, SEIU, CWA, Sierra Club, health care organizations, and many citizens organizations – along with our key partner Sunflower Community Action/Kansas People's Action – are all working together to make this a real people's statement. Are you in??

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