Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Berlin 1900

SOMETHING AMAZING FOR YOU.. Real footage of A HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. It was coloured about 10 years ago by someone but I've digitally sharpened it as well as removed dust and grain. Truly magical, moving footage that I've edited to my favourite piece of classical music The original film is much darker and also shows lots of military segments.I wanted to edit this however to show how things were for the average person...positive and proud with all the splendour of that time era. Who can spot the very appropriate sound track ? (Clue) it's from a great movie. There is a sharper version above this on my page...unfortunately to get a display this size...the price I pay is that of Facebooks terrible quality.Savour this as you watch it. All these people whose lives were just as important to them in their time era as we think ours our now. Maybe I'm the only one moved by this.. but it blows me away when I watch it. I noticed how happy they seem to be going about their business and I tried to study different characters, who were they? what was their story? Watch the woman adjusting her hat at the end of the film, she seems very concerned about her image as she proudly sports the latest fashion..The more you study these people the more it will fascinate you. Their lives, less complicated than ours but you can clearly see the overwhelming community spirit here without video games, TV or computers. I just HAD to share this. Somewhere in time, all gone forever..all just ghost....yet frozen here for you to glance at as if through some magical time machine window.
Posted by Paul Phoenix Show on Thursday, April 30, 2015

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