Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A little "mistake." First kill off uppity women, then drive the poor out of Kansas

Similar to the illegal and dangerous law banning 2nd trimester abortions, the theocratic fascists in the Kansas government have passed with the governor's signature an equally hate-filled law limiting welfare recipients to a $25 withdrawal limit from ATM's.
Another Kansan who believes in Gov. Sam Brownback.

However, a small problem, it endangers over $100 MLN in federal funding for welfare recipients. Now that get's the penny pinching Puritans and the newshounds in the local press attention!

Unlike the anti-abortion law, which has little traction in the state where Dr. Tiller was killed in broad daylight during Sunday church services May 31, 2009, Kansas is faced with losing a huge sum from the feds. Now that gets the "small government" advocates and the state's news media attention.

All this loud reporting to undo another fascist law Sam signed that placed a $25 limit on ATM withdrawal is sickening.  Sam claims he didn't know, and most in the press let him off the hook after years of passing lethal laws limiting reproductive health care for women and their doctors' treatments.

Sam just didn't know.  He will fix it. Sam and his supporters in the state legislature practice medicine, they must know how to drive the poor out too.
[Excerpt] “We’ll work with them; it’s a joint program,” Brownback said, “We’ll do what we have to do to work with the federal partnership.”  He stressed that the $25 limit didn’t originate with his administration. ... "
Except one big problem, as the article drills down to find the author of the amendment, describing how the legal sausage is made in Topeka, an inadvertent truth is revealed. Many readers will miss the fact and like most Kansans think it unimportant.
[Excerpt] "The House Committee that first worked the bill inserted a $60 limit. The amount was cut further on the Senate floor to $25 with the adoption of an amendment by State Sen. Caryn Tyson, a Republican who represents Parker, Kan." 
Parker, Ks. is Sam's hometown, nearest his family's network of federally subsidized farms, where he was raised. How stupid to think Sam wouldn't know who tacked on a $100 MLN "mistake?"

And how would Sam pass an idea to his family's state representative Sen. Caryn Tyson, Parker, Ks.?  

Well, by telephone, or like maybe Hillary Clinton, by private email!  Turns out he's used private email since he was a suckling on the federal government's tit, as a U. S. senator.  Sam's been caught shitting and texting in the outhouse again!  

It takes some searching to get the full article by the local Associated Press, since many Kansas news outlets chopped it up. We must love what can be got from the "news leaders" all the better to keep those campaign ads coming in before each Election Day.  

However, if one crawls under the pay-walls, or goes out of state where whole articles are published one can read uncensored some of the brave local reporters.  

Here are some quotes from the opposition wanting transparency in state government, and made some strong objections to Sam's nefarious "mistakes."

A repeat guest on Radio Free Kansas starts off with:
Doug Anstaett, executive director of the Kansas Press Association, criticized the governor’s private email use.
“It’s appalling that the state’s highest officer thinks operating outside the public realm is his right, and he believes that’s the best way to conduct public business,” Anstaett said.
Then a great speech maker, as played on Radio Free Kansas had this to say about the governor's secret communication channels: 

Rep. John Carmichael, D-Wichita, said the open records law is a valuable tool.
“The purpose of the open records act is to provide for sunshine and open government — not government done behind closed doors in the proverbial smoke-filled room,” Carmichael said. “And what we see here is an example of the people’s business being done in an electronic smoke-filled room behind closed doors.”
Congratulations to John Hanna of the Associated Press and the Wichita Eagle's Dion Lefler and Lindsay Wise of the national McClatchey Washington Bureau for the trigger article that popped my cork here at the Blue Barn. 
- Mike Caddell

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