Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Sunday Drivetime" Radio Free Kansas 15 March 2015

Today's RFK show link is here: 

Program Summary

Brief commentary on Kansas statehouse news, program schedule announcements and calender mark ups for regular RFK listeners.

Hot editorial for the week via the Hays Daily News and the Ottawa Herald newspaper, "Clinton, Brownback prefer work remain in e-secrecy."

1st Hour - Thom Hartmann produces a daily syndicated radio news show. It is not broadcast from any FCC radio station in Kansas. Every Friday he features “Brunch with Bernie” (Sen. Bernie Sanders I-Vt.) for one hour with callers. It is available for viewing on You Tube.

2nd Hour -  Democracy Now hosted by Amy Goodman is a daily independent news program that is broadcast on radio, television and the internet.  It is currently available in Kansas on weekdays as a live stream at 8:00AM on KKFI 90.1fm and within signal range at 7:00AM on public television KCPT-PBS channel 19.2. 

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