Thursday, January 22, 2015

Radio Free Kansas 2nd hour Live! Here is the link to today's show:

Journalist Barrett Brown is being sentenced in Dallas, Texas today, January 22, 2015.
Follow #FreeBB and @FreeBarrett_ to see the support you are contributing to and to get the updates as they become available.  
Journalists and supporters who are present in the courtroom today includes (but is not limited to):
@DouglasLucas – Douglas Lucas
@carwinb – Alexa Obrien
@FreeBarrett_ - Free Barrett Brown (official)
@apblake – Andrew Blake
@Jeffwrcct – Jeff Durkin
@Baseljanitors – Mystery Man
@dellcam- Dell Cameron
For a comprehensive list of our courtroom supporters, subscribe to this list.
Get your Free Barrett Brown images here and credit goes to the amazing @SomersetBean
Also note, while we appreciate and agree with comparisons to Hunter S Thompson, this is sometimes not well received, and we would appreciate you taking that into consideration.
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Here are tweets to copy and paste for those of you who need them, for the rest of you who are cool with the facts about the case please make your own, and we’ll copy and paste yours. Team effort, you in?
The world watches as Barrett Brown goes before a judge on Jan 22 concluding a long, agonizing ordeal. #FreeBB
The practice of journalism as we know it is on the line. Will the courts reward the government's misbehavior with more injustice? #FreeBB
Will true justice and common sense prevail? Can the courts correct the wrongs that have been done with a sentence of time served? #FreeBB
Journalists, human rights organizations and mainstream media all need to be paying attention to the outcome today. #FreeBB
Break through some of the secrecy about this case - these are the ACTUAL charges #FreeBB. Read our FAQ:
Doubt that this case was illegitimate should be now be dispelled. Barrett Brown IS a political prisoner #FreeBB
The DOJ is arguing for max sentence based on charges Barrett Brown no longer faces & for which he was never convicted. #FreeBB
Look into the story of #FreeBB to understand the vicious prosecution and the violent twisting of facts @wikileaks
US government's argument against Barrett Brown "should chill journalists to the bone".  #FreeBB
Remember: BB faced 105 years in prison: Investigating gov'ts surveillance contractors. #FreeBB Jan22
#EndgameSystems? @ProjPM Why is the US Gov SO aggressive in the case of Barrett Brown? #FreeBB
These people seized a man's Declaration of Independence and tried to malign his "anarchist" political philosophy. Blatant. Ironic. #FreeBB

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