Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jen Hayden: WORST SoS IN NATION WASTING MORE Ks TAX $$$$ @ Daily Kos

Naming names. [Excerpt]

When the Democratic nominee, Chad Taylor, withdrew his name from the race for U.S. Senate in Kansas, Kris Kobach—the worst secretary of state in the nation—interfered in the race by trying to prevent Taylor from withdrawing and then trying to force Democrats to name a new nominee. After numerous court challenges, he was eventually forced to raise the white flag and butt out of the race. Now the state of Kansas has revealed that his partisan legal sideshow cost taxpayers $34,627 in fees paid to an outside law firm. Kris Kobach hired Bradley Schlozman of the Hinkle Law Firm, a Wichita-based attorney. Bradley Schlozman himself is no stranger to controversy. He was appointed by the Department of Justice by George W. Bush and was investigated for discriminating against so-called "liberal applicants":

[End of Excerpt]

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