Friday, October 10, 2014

#Brownbackistan Notes: #Ebola Politics From #Koch Kansas

While our glorious capital in Topeka celebrates the opening of yet another WalMart complete with bagpipes I would like to ask reporters, lawyers and poets to consider one example of the wreckage created by the privatization pigs running this state:


  • She was the first licensed female physician to publicly perform abortions in the history of Kansas.
  • She estimates that from 1991 to 2003 in four clinics across Kansas to have performed nearly 10,000 first and early second trimester abortions.
  • She was declared by the state of Kansas a "hostile witness" in the criminal trial against Dr. George Tiller, and her testimony directly lead to the jury's "not guilty" verdict.
  • She was the last licensed physician in Kansas to have regularly worked, on a daily basis, with Dr. George Tiller before he was murdered while attending church.
  • The private medical records used against the late Dr. Tiller during his criminal trial, were then used against Dr. Kris Neuhaus in civil proceedings to revoke her Kansas medical license.
The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts (KSBOHA) did so over two years ago.


It has been over seven months since Shawnee District Court Judge Theis' issued his 86 page ruling to the Kansas Board of Healing Arts.

The ruling was generally interpreted as a "victory" against the board, and the convicted terrorist who originally filed the complaint immediately warned in no uncertain terms of the "danger to the public" this represented if the board re-instated Dr. Neuhaus' medical license.

The board has yet to honor, or respect Judge Theis' ruling with a response to the doctor's lawyers.

Here are the facts to this date:

  1. Gov. Brownback appointed about 45 days ago, a KSBOHA "president", Dr. John Settich, Phd., former chair of the political science department, Benedictine College, Atchison, Ks. There are now more "pro-life" members dominating the board, lawyers and staff than ever before.
  2. On or around the same time KSBOHA hired an outside lawyer from Johnson County, KS. to thereafter communicate with Bob Eye, counsel to Dr. Neuhaus. He has sent one short letter since that time.
  3. The $93,000 "bill" incurred by KSBOHA to persecute Dr. Kris Neuhaus is not "vacated" and now subject of the arbitration.

Dr. Kris Neuhaus had her career and reputation damaged beyond repair and endured years of deep poverty as a direct result of these activities of the state of Kansas.

She wants the individual Board members, both past and present, who engaged in this persecution to be personally liable, as well as the state of Kansas.

Judge Theis' ruling, which the board has ignored, and the original opening brief to him that her young and brilliant lawyers presented to him telling of her outstanding career, are available upon request to me at

Mike Caddell
Radio Free Kansas

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