Tuesday, September 02, 2014

"FIRST GOD MADE IDIOTS." - the gospel according to Mark Twain

Michael Caddell
Ten Acres & A Yard Tractor
North Jefferson County, Kansas

A ONE-SHOT CARNIVAL is not a "debate" and what will take place this Saturday, August 6th at the state fair in Hutchinson, Ks. will be appropriately near the stench of animal manure.

The Great War Hawk Recession sure did a number on many Kansans, igniting a plutocrat funded Tea Party movement that imploded when the numbers came in after the Cornfield Revolution was declared victorious from Topeka.

Every election cycle, the arrogant manipulators of public opinion shamelessly, as gangsters, put in the "fix." The ringmasters will be seen shoveling stupidity, the better to make asses of all concerned, but them and the Plutocrats. 

Posing as "moderators" with rundown questions for candidates while hollering hecklers drown out any opposing speaker makes for pretty cheap theater.  

This "debate" is "moderated" by "experts" schooled in the sale of oil based farm chemicals and livestock feedlot maintenance as seen in our ditches, creeks, rivers and lakes. 

It is a fact the "moderators" can expertly snore out on static-filled AM radio airwaves a list of numbers used to speculate on the price of pork bellies.  A radio station that was until Kansan's memory blacked-out, more than a decade ago, owned by the governor's in-laws. 

Why compete with the noise of the soon-to-be slaughtered critters at the state fair? Better to hold such contests far from Hutchinson's pig sty, stables and chicken pits.  

Convene debates in Topeka's garishly gilded legislative chambers, witness our candidate representatives in tumultuous contest, hear the braying jackasses and trumpeting elephants in every corner of Kansas free of charge.

Why a single "debate" to decide the greater good of all the citizens, including those who do not vote? This seems a rather niggardly dose of democracy, when a better curative might be a revolutionary enema for some of our Plutocrats' tax avoidance lawyers.

Maybe we should roll-over, let the Plutocrats have their way with us and not have any "debate." 

Sodomy in politics has never been a crime.

Seems like an Eternity, Kansas dominated by a puny cowardly fever-headed band of Republicans. The state was founded by fleeing immigrant refugees, land thieves, and a few holier-than-thou types who had a notion that a lifetime of hard work for stingy paymasters was better for the poor folk than beastly slavery.
Some say Kansans incited the Civil War upon the nation, I say after watching my neighbors put up political yard signs, we wished it upon the country. I hear them today, "let everybody be as miserably stupid as us."  

This single "debate" is a sickening assault on the hundreds of thousands of people who need intelligent discourse most to vote smart.  Kansans should be outraged at this insulting venue knowing that the contemporary means to inform millions of people is in the taxpayer's hands and is not being used!

A MULTITUDE OF DEBATES SHOULD BE HELD at the seasonal, $400 million renovated statehouse, and moderated by the venerable League of Women Voters. 

Since our current crop of elected leaders think firing public school teachers is all the rage, let the librarians "moderate" the statehouse debates; have the unemployed art, music and theater teachers draw up the questions. 

Hell, broadcast the debates over the same taxpayer funded internet connections used when the pole-cat legislature is in session grinding out laws like sausage. 

And yes, let the commercial-filled news media attend; they will do a chop up job and broadcast at least the 15 second sound bites over the public airwaves.  Don't they do it for wars?  Why not election issues?

Get the money out, and bring some intelligent structure into our elections. Or shut-up, stop all talk of "debate" and let the Plutocrats run the whole damn state. They seem to be already, tax free.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Image Hat Tip: Kansas Democratic Party

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