Friday, July 11, 2014

Lisa Graves: "The Koch Brothers: The Extremist Roots Run Deep" @ PR Watch

[Excerpt] ... Koch quickly signed up for the national council of the

new John Birch Society.

That year, according to archives, Koch worked with fellow Kansan Robert Love, of the Love Box Company, to help amend the Kansas Constitution to limit the rights of workers and unions, making it a so-called right to work state.

In 1960, Koch published a pamphlet based on his speeches called "A Businessman Looks at Communism." The booklet, which was reprinted in 1961, ranted and raved that the National Education Association was a communist group and public-school books were filled with "communist propaganda," paranoia that extended to all unions, and the "pro-communist" Supreme Court. Fred Koch also claimed that African Americans would engage in a "vicious race war," echoing the words of white supremacists–including Birchers–who opposed desegregating public schools. ..." [End of Excerpt

Read more at the Center for Media and Democracy's "PR Watch."

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