Friday, October 25, 2013

George Kenney: "David Cobb and the 'coming democratic Revolution'" @ Electric Politics

Dear Michael,

You don't get much more grass roots than David Cobb, who's cobbling together a remarkable coalition of like minded progressive activists to amend the Constitution so as to overturn Citizens United. Well, maybe not exactly, because David has clearly got bigger things on his mind. But Citizens United is a rallying point that's gotten a great deal of public support and, ultimately, that's what counts. What that support translates into in the longer run is anybody's guess but I continue to believe that a fundamental reworking of our broken constitutional system is inevitable. And, no, not in the distant future where you need a time machine to find out about it... Anyhow, David is incisive and engaging and doing great work. I hope you like this one!

I had a lot of audio trouble, here, by the way, with the call getting dropped several times and occasional severe line interference, not to mention that David was on a cell phone, which usually I try to avoid. After editing, where I erred on the side of clarity, we lost almost ten minutes of the recording. You'll probably notice at least a couple continuity gaps. Sorry about that...

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