Monday, September 23, 2013

Rich Smith, The Motley Fool: "Look What the Koch Bros. Are Buying Now" @ Daily Finance

[Excerpt]  ...  If you haven't heard of Molex, that's not surprising. While a big company, it mainly operates as a parts supplier to even bigger companies. You've probably heard of Molex's biggest customer -- Apple . Last year, 14% of the revenues Molex took in depended on sales to the Cupertino computing giant. That's more than Molex got from any other single customer, none of which accounted for more than 10% of sales. A bet on Molex, therefore, is at least in part a bet on continued sales success for Apple.

Considering the sellout success of Apple's new iPhone 5s, that may sound like a good bet. But there are at least a few reasons to suspect that the Kochs' latest investment won't work out as planned. ...  [End of Excerpt]

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