Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kansas Sufferers! HELP IS ON THE WAY!

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I spied one of my hounds throwing up a steamy mix of slime covered grass and fecal matter yesterday. Immediately I thought it similar to the recent utterances from the mouths of so many office holders in the Kansas Republican Party.

My son, Tristan, awoke this morning to watch Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx) issue his green eggs and ham "filibuster" and before tramping off to his socialist yellow rural school bus, imitated the latest GOP presidential hopeful.  He stood up to go and with a zombie stare stated, "I would rather have the country go up in flames, than see Obamacare passed."

Tristan is more cognizant of class warfare in Kansas than most Kansans.  Let's expand his vocabulary while Gov. Brownback's chorus of Temple hypocrites pukes up fetid stinking hosannas against the first step toward universal health care.  Any drunk, on religion or dope, will say the first steps are toughest after dumping the contents of one's guts.

They know that universal health care and education a basic human right, is free for many, in countries around the world.  

Coprophagia - I've seen my dogs eat all manner of shit from different animals, but never so many elected Kansas officials and their supporters figuratively do the same vile act, let alone make it an addicting habit. I've been told dogs eat excrement and grass, to somehow help the bacterial cultures in their digestive tracts. 

Kansas neo-conservative politicians think that by parroting their most stupid religiously hysterical constituents that nonsense will prevail and help the intelligence of the nation's people.

Once leaving their endlessly American "Support the Troops" pancake and egg breakfasts, hearing all manner of Bible based banter about "God's Law" mixed with militarist American exceptionalism; our typical Kansas neo-con Republican goes forth to grab the nearest microphone and spray out the manure recently absorbed into the fertile electronic fields of the many "conservative" news echo chambers.  

"Smell that stink?" Any heavily subsidized, overtly insured Kansas feedlot rancher of hogs, chicken or cattle will tell you "that's the smell of money." 

Start with any "super-majority" member of Kansas government from the congressional delegates down to many county commissioners and they scent that downwind "smell of money" campaign cash and influential combines of the 1% plutocrats.

Their spoken words, a toxic stew of half-baked Christian dominionist Bible conspiracy sewage fermented in a large amount of King Koch "libertarian" money have created a corn pone version of Kansas corporate fascism disguised as Gov. Sam Brownback's Great Corn Field Revolution.  

Thinking what comes out of their mouths cheers up the stomping howling tongue talkers in mega-churches across the Great Plains, the Dear Leaders think it best for every person living in what they call "God's Country." 

However, as most doctors will tell you, Kansas neo-conservative politicians are unlike their bat shit crazy superstitious constituents who profess a belief in the miracles and the supernatural. 

These cunning politicians know the shit vomit hurled upon the ignorant and/or stupid voters to consume as the magic tricks of pick pockets spoken with the somber certainty based on thousands of years of hearsay.  

Pouring some Armageddon talk into the slop pail of religious "moral truth" makes an even more urgent message for gullible campaign donors. Many Kansan elected leaders know it as an acceptable fraud, but this puke pays the campaign bills, and provides their family with many licensed opportunities for real estate speculation, banker protection rackets, investment brokering and in short, socialism for only the wealthy.

Coprophagia is a pronounced clinical aspect of the mentally ill, whether they be of the 63,000 bully citizens with licensed concealed machine gun permits in Kansas, or the 700,000 registered members of the Republican Party. They're armed and think themselves better than most other Kansans and you will soon agree that, "an society of armed bullies, is a polite society."

Okay, spoken words from "Red State" politicians' mouths are not always the edible product of anal excremental explosions, but somehow in Kansas the putrid remains keep blowing back into their faces, nationwide.

KU Professor David Guth is the latest to be smeared by our noble leaders from their high offices in the Topeka statehouse. He riled up, in less than 140 characters a single twitter, causing a whole chorus of shit vomit hurlers in unison to demand Guth be fired from his job.  They hurled it on the state higher education Board of Regents. 

A few of the regents are shit vomit throwers too, having been recently appointed by Lord High Gov. Sam Brownback, himself a veteran in coprophagia after the #HeBlowsAlot free speech scandal when he back flushed on expelling a high school student for her twitter. He blamed it on his staff's fervor, most every high official to the Lord has whipping boys.

Rep. Virgil Peck, still stinging from his "joke" about shooting illegal immigrants from helicopters as feral hogs, knows of coprophagia. He passed the plate and the remark with a verbal sleight of hand.

And the current big shot state Senator who "prayed" by sending out an email to others about desiring the Lord to end Obama ... he knows of coprophagia through Christian grace and humility. He first denied it, then said he was misunderstood as most religious outbursts are subject to eternal interpretations, but the aftertaste of his shit vomit is still layered upon his waggling tongue.

John K. Wilson of the Academe Blog wrote a great defense of Professor Guth, listing many of the elected officials, some not described aboveHe includes the Kansas head of the NRA, describing her shocking lethal targeting of a critic. She, as leader of one of most powerful Kansas organizations (barring the "pro-life" and plutocrat worshipers) is committing verbal coprophagia.

There are so many shit vomit hurlers in Kansas offering regurgitated talking points from the reactionary conservative "news" media who relish the taste in their mouths after spreading such lies to the minds of their children, and their children's children the liberals don't know where to hide.

Laptop liberals hid for decades from the hateful words yelled at my people from the few encircled reproductive health clinics across Kansas we served during the late nineties till the first years of 21st century America.

I have hours and hours of decaying VHS video tapes of "pro-life" zealots exercising free speech rights; blocking driveways, stalking parking lots, using fighting words on patients and their escorts, yelling "baby killers" at my people inciting among their own homicidal rages.  

Kansas liberals and neo-conservatives don't like to be reminded of this fact; that poor people are being systematically starved, impoverished, crushed to suffer from gross deprivations their diets, health and mental faculties. 

Unable to straddle the political barbed wire fence while witnessing the crushing of poor peoples' access to reproductive health care, the legal lynchings of their doctors and the hate heaped upon them, most liberals and "moderate" conservatives turn blind eyes away, or simply go deaf to the cries of the suffering.  Safely ensconced in McMansions or electronically wrapped in mobile political force fields shielded away from the ravages of their Kansas brethren.

So many walking talking racist theocratic echo chambers heard any day from pick-up trucks and tractors across the state that our enlightened liberals can no longer escape from hearing their critics stinking rotten hypocritical "moral truths."  

Now the social and political reactionaries are running wild in control of the state legislatures, from North Dakota to Texas, and most were spawned from Kansas ... by the Koch plutocrats, their secretive organizations and the purged Republican Party.

"Embarrassed" liberals and "moderate" conservatives are both losing support, even political identity in Kansas.  They cannot make public statements representing all of us anymore, for too many Kansans the political sands underfoot are shifting.  The unregistered voters, the "unaffiliated" registered independent voters and large numbers within both dominant parties are having their demands shelved as "common sense" solutions are touted from the same old political playbooks of the past. Progressive populism ignites imaginations while Republicans run to Dixieland with social Darwinist solutions.

Meanwhile, radical democratic socialists are winning in Kansas due to considerable support nationwide, by holding up the banner of Free Thought Solidarity.  Join in and support our fight back efforts from Northeast Kansas.

****** Update from Your Rural Socialist Base ******


It has been confirmed that world traveler, musician and troubadour David Rovics is arriving to entertain Kansans Oct. 25th, 2013.

Our fund raiser for the 10 Acres is over half way there, but slowing down with less than 26 days to go.

A modest amount, one commenter pointed out, the $93,000 goal is "nothing to a 1 per center" but this campaign goal has plenty of symbolic power in Kansas to the sufferers of the onerous habits described above.

The successful culmination of this fundraiser will make the many Kansans suffering political coprophagia "go back for seconds."

Keep a critical eye on the horizon,
Mike Caddell
Radio Free Kansas


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An annotated and expanded version of this will be available as a printed broadsheet edition of the Fightin' Cock Flyer, available for mass distribution statewide. Order your bundles now!