Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Editor Sam Pizagatti: "Too Much Online, Sept. 2, 2013" A free News Weekly

 Do Americans today live in “a plutocracy ruled by self-centered jerks”? One astute reader of the latest academic research on narcissism seems to have come to that conclusion. He has good reason.

The new academic research on narcissism — and other troubling behaviors — is subjecting people of privilege to the same sort of intense psychological scrutiny that scholars, a generation ago, only applied to poor people.

In other words, we’re making some progress. The impact of privilege has now become a fitting topic for academic investigation. We’re inching ever closer to a much fuller understanding of the price we all pay — individually and collectively — when we let wealth and income concentrate in the pockets of a precious few.

We have more on narcissism in this week’s Too Much, including the latest on those smug Americans who collect — and believe they deserve — more for one morning of their labor than average Americans can expect to earn in a year. ... 

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