Sunday, September 29, 2013

Al Kamen: "Protesters rising to new heights" @ Washington Post

You can do it too! Image hat tip: The Freeway Blogger

[Excerpt] " ... as pure guerrilla theater, the noontime demonstration could rank among the best ever.

Eight “construction workers” in blue coveralls and odd “Stop the TPP” yellow hard hats somehow made their way up an unsecured scaffolding — the building is undergoing some exterior work — to the top, where they unfurled a 10-by-30-foot banner condemning the proposed treaty as a corporate giveaway.

Then five of the eight “workers” moved onto a lower balcony — we seem to recall it’s on the same floor as U.S. Trade Rep Mike Froman’s office — and hung two more banners. ..." [End of Excerpt]

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