Sunday, August 04, 2013

George Kenney: "Re: Syria w/ Dr. Joshua Landis" @ Electric Politics

Dear Michael,

To continue with the subject of Syria I looked all over the world for someone I thought was going to be reasonable. I was surprised, very surprised, at how difficult it was to find potential guests. Without going into all the gory details it took me literally weeks to identify Dr. Joshua Landis. And Joshua, fortunately, was agreeable. Then, by coincidence, one of my friends who is an old Middle East hand suggested him, thus confirming my judgment. Although Joshua is out at the University of Oklahoma -- upon which I cast no aspersions -- he really deserves an endowed chair at one of our top universities. Publish or perish, I guess. I think this is a great interview and I urge you to listen, but there's a catch: its sound quality is problematic. Joshua was on vacation up in New England and we had tons of static (US phone infrastructure falling apart); plus which -- and this is entirely my fault for not intervening -- he's one of those people who wave the phone around when they talk, which makes level adjustments very tricky. I fixed most of the static at the cost of introducing noticeable distortion. For levels, you should listen in a quiet room to hear everything. All in all, nevertheless, the interview is definitely listenable. Substantively, it's an A+ and easily in the top 5% of interviews I've done.

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